2019 Theme

Whatever we call this day, it will be full of things that have never been.  It will be filled with invitations and opportunities for you to nourish your spirit and prepare yourself for Walking the Journey Together in 2019.  

This community is a place where each of us is following a different journey.  We come to St Pat's as unique and individual as each individual is unique.  

May we, as a school family, make 2019 a place where we 'Walk the Journey Together'.  We ask God to be with us, blessing us with warmth, encouragement, light, hope, and peace throughout this year and to affirm the purpose of the journey, and our hope that the journey will be fruitful.  

Let's make it a GOOD DAY by opening our hearts and hands to receive the gifts of grace from our God who holds each one of us close; a God who never stops walking with us, guiding us and gently inviting each of us to follow the path to holiness and respond to our call to be religious leaders in our communities.