LG4 v Staff Netball

​Students were buzzing with excitement on the last week of Term 2. They were waiting or the last day of Term 2 and not for the reasons that you might expect. The LG4 students had challenged the staff members to a game of netball and the students were anticipating that the staff members would be thrashed!

To ensure there was no biased umpiring, the game was umpired by the lovely Georgina and her daughter from the Nanango Netball Association.

The game was off to a quick start with the staff members scoring the first goal. The LG4 Students were pretty quick and kept the staff members on their toes, apart from Mrs Whitbread, who took a tumble but did not suffer any injuries, other than her pride

For the last quarter, parents also joined the staff members and they too, managed to keep LG4 at bay. At the end of the day, the staff members proved that they are not as old and decrepit as the students believe them to be and the staff members came out victorious.

LG4 proved to be great sports men and women and we congratulated their team spirit and effort.


LG4 v Staff Netball (44).JPG