Local Firies Visit

The Firies visited our school last week and taught the children the importance of fire safety, how to call 000 in an emergency and what information will be required by the operator.  They also used a smoke machine to demonstrate how smoke rises and taught the children how to crawl out of a building, in the event of a real fire.

This week the Firies returned to reiterate their teachings from last week and also allowed the students to play with the water hose and look around the fire engine.

During the Firies demonstration, a real life situation was developing out the front of the school!  Jaci, a visitor from out of town, was walking her dog Jett, when Jett decided that there was something very interesting in a drain.  Unfortunately, Jett could not get back out of the drain.  Luckily, the Firies were able to help and using the equipment on the fire engine, were able to remove a manhole cover to free Jett.

If you look carefully, you can see a very happy Jett in the photo, thanking the local Firies team for their help.  Jett was a little thirsty but other than that, he was thankfully none the worse for his ordeal.