St Patrick Day Celebrations

‚ÄčEvery year at our school, we celebrate our school's patron Saint, St Patrick.  St Patrick's Day is traditionally celebrated on 17 March which is believed to be the date of Patrick's death.

This day is one of the most anticipated days of our school year and our children love our celebrations.  We celebrated with a variety of fun activities in the morning, including Irish dancing, face painting, slime making, rock painting and icing biscuits with green icing.

We then attended Mass at midday, which was followed with a shared lunch.  Students, parents and staff members shared plates of "green" food.  Our very own Principal made green sausage rolls that "went down a treat".

St Patrick was born in Britain and was captured by Irish raiders who attacked his family's estate and took him to Ireland.  He was then held captive in Ireland for six years, living a solitary life as a shepherd.  He became a devout Christian and escaped to Britain to undertake 15 years of religious training.  Patrick was ordained as a priest and sent to Ireland to convert the Irish, then predominately druids, to Christianity.