Didjeribone Performances

St Pat's welcomed Tjupurru from Didjeribone Performances.  Tjupurru captivated his audience with both personal and ancestral stories of the Diabera Diabera people from the Kimberly region of WA.

Some students were called on stage to assist Tjupurra with his music making, much to the delight of the students that were watching.  Tjupurra also played the didjeribone, not to be confused with the didgeridoo.  (The didjeribone is a hybrid musical instrument, a cross between a didgeridoo and a trombone.).

Music is made using the didjeribone, face bass and cutting edge music production eqiupment.  Music is played, recorded and then instantly played back on a loop, to form a backing track.  The process is repeated with loop track after loop track being added, creating a rich, deep, multilayered soundscape.  It is then that the true magic happens, as from the didjeribone, the haunting wind, howling dingoes and humorous kookaburras populate this genuinely Australian piece of music.

The show was both informative and a lot of fun.  The students had a fantastic time.

Didgeribone (Custom).jpg 

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