Holy Week


Holy week begins one of the most important weeks in the Catholic church’s calendar. Palm Sunday is when, according to the scriptures, Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was welcomed with crowds of people waving palms. This event was followed by Jesus sharing his last supper with the disciples on Holy Thursday. At the end of this supper one of the disciples betrayed Jesus and handed him over to the chief priest, who then asked the people what he shall do with him. Their response was to “crucify him”. Good Friday is when Jesus’ death on a cross is remembered, followed by Easter Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead.

 Each class will tell the story of each scene: Palm Sunday through to Good Friday. We celebrated the Resurrection when we resumed Term 2. We are reminded that no matter how young or old we are, what a remarkable story it is. The fact that Jesus persevered in doing God’s will in his life ought to give us hope in our own lives.