Thank You Woolworths

We were successful in obtaining a Woolworths Landcare Grant in 2022.

Due to the extremely wet weather in 2022 our Garden Eats Project was set back as we could not use the bobcat as it was unsafe to do so.  Once the weather broke and we had some wonderful sun, the garden seemed well on its way and we even managed to plant some strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce and bok choy.

Unfortunately disaster struck again when Nanango made it in the National News as we were hit with a severe thunderstorm that threw huge hail around our region.  our school garden did not escape the damage and our strawberries and tomatoes were shred to pieces, however our bok choy surprisingly came back to life and we ended up with a bumper crop of bok choy.

With the list of setbacks, we could not meet the original deadline but Woolworths came to the rescue again and granted us an extension.

In Term 1 of 2023 we successfully built our Bushtucker Garden and our students are eagerly awaiting to see the fruits of their labour,.

The Garden Eats Project has, and will continue to, teach​ our students how to create a thriving, sustainable garden that encourages a love of nature, an understanding of health, and will continue to engage a network of teachers, learners, parents and community volunteers.

Thank you again Woolworths for your generous grant of $1000 and thank you also to all the students, teachers, parents, volunteers and grounds officers that have all contributed towards building our wonderful gardens.

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