​At St Patrick’s School, we support Christian values of learning, human knowledge and truth. The school strives to provide a balanced education through quality teaching and learning that is an integration of our culture with faith and faith with living.

Classrooms are large and airy and are provided with a large range of materials, equipment and technology. Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard and access to laptops to ensure children are engaged in learning in a contemporary context. A comprehensive, fully computerised Library Resource Centre supports the teaching/learning process.

St. Patrick’s teaches the curriculum provided by the QSA (Queensland Studies Authority) to ensure quality teaching and learning.

The curriculum includes: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Study of Society, Science, Technology, Cultural Language and Literacy, The Arts, Health & Physical Education and Sport.

ICLT (Information Communication Learning Technologies)

St. Patrick’s prides itself in being one of the leading schools in the South Burnett in ICLT. Children are engaging with Interactive Whiteboards, PC and Apple computers (desktops and laptops), digital video and still cameras, and various programs to enhance the learning experience.

The Interactive Whiteboards in each room engage students in the learning process and provide interesting and interactive learning experiences.

St. Patrick’s ICLT computer environment allows all computers access to the internet through a wireless network. The school boasts 3 banks of 10 laptops which can be moved to any classroom in a totally mobile environment. 

Green and Healthy - Creation, We Care​

St. Patrick’s prides itself on being a Green and Healthy School. The staff and students are always exploring ‘green’ practices and sustainability. Through the Green and Healthy program, this philosophy is embedded in the curriculum.

In 2008 we were proud to receive two Green and Healthy School awards (Health and Nutrition, and Litter Prevention) for the Wide Bay area. While we do not do it for the awards it was great to be recognised.

Learning Support​​

St Patrick’s seeks to help build and maintain a learning support community for all children, especially those students who have special needs. We recognise and celebrate the uniqueness and innate dignity of each child.

The support service offered seeks to enhance or extend programs for these students. The services form part of the school response to meeting the needs of all students.

Class sizes are smaller than normal to ensure individual attention is given to all. With class teacher, support teacher, and school officer support, target programs and planning aim to ensure success for the learner.