Assessment and Reporting

​​Two methods of reporting, verbal and written are used at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School.

Parent-teacher interviews are held within the first few weeks of each year to allow for parent consultation and sharing of knowledge between teachers and families regarding students.  This interview aims to initiate the establishment of strong partnerships between home and school so that students can get the best start to the school year.  All parents are invited to attend these interviews to help create a clear picture of student aptitude and attitudes to learning as the school year begins.

Written reports are organised for the end of Semester 1 and 2.  These written reports record teacher judgements of each student's academic achievement against the Australian Curriculum Year Level Achievement Standards for each subject.  These reports also provide information about each student's work habits, study skills and social development.

These written reports are supported by parent-teacher interviews in the week following their delivery, to allow for dialogue between teachers and parents to clarify the teacher's judgements around student progress, achievement and wellbeing.  All parents are expected to attend these interviews.

Parents are encouraged to arrange an appointment at any time throughout the year to discuss their child's progress.  An effective partnership between teachers and parents is essential for the ongoing support of quality teaching and learning and is deeply valued at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Nanango.