Homework Guidelines

St Patrick's Primary Homework Guidelines

At St. Patrick's Primary we believe that homework should not cause family stress or jeopardise the right of children to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.  Our approach supports the importance of family time, relaxation and play, and acknowledges the varied outside of school hours activities in which the students participate.

​At St Patrick's the purpose for homework is to:

  • encourage opportunities for the students to review and reinforce learning that is initiated in the classroom;
  • develop self-discipline and effective study habits; and
  • provide parents / caregivers with an opportunity to be involved in their child's education.

Guiding Principles

  • ·All classes will offer homework.
  • Homework will include nightly reading and may include literacy and numeracy activities linked to classroom learning.
  • Consistent completion of homework enhances your student's learning, however, there will be no negative consequences for students who do not complete homework.


Parents / Carers:      

  • Provide adequate time and suitable space for their child to complete homework.
  • Encourage and assist their child in completing homework.
  • Contact the teacher should any problems arise.


  • ​​Complete homework activities to the best of their ability.
  • Discuss any areas of difficulty with the teacher or parent / carer.


  • Inform students and parents of general requirements for homework.
  • Offer one lunch period and one afternoon weekly to support students to complete their homework.
  • Work to resolve any areas of difficulty for students and / or parents and carers.