Enrolment Policy

​​​​St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School is an inclusive, faith based community grounded in Christian values. Faith in action is inherent through our Religious Education Program encompassing the teaching of religion and supporting the community in how to be religious in the particular way of the Catholic church and other Christian traditions. St Patrick’s aims to respond to the needs of the whole child: the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, communal and physical being. Here at St Patrick’s we value respect, acceptance, inclusivity, option for the poor, and nurturing of Catholic faith and personal spirituality.


In acknowledging that our local community consists of diverse cultures and religions, St Patrick’s supports the right of parents to choose the education they want for their children and is prepared to enrol children from all faiths. An acknowledgment that all students will participate in the Catholic Religious Education Program and an acknowledged willingness to commit to this mission and the ethos of a Catholic primary School are essential when seeking enrolment.


Eligibility of Enrolment - A student, regardless of his/her religion, culture, ability and social background is invited to enrol, however, he /she, along with the parents/carers, must be willing to support the expectations outlined below.  Acceptance of each enrolment will be based on whether the school can meet all needs of the child and the outcome will be at the discretion of the principal.
Enrolment Expectations:
  • Parents are expected to support the Christian ethos of St Patrick’s and encourage their child/ren to live out the Gospel values in all areas of school life;
  • Parents are expected to accept and support all school, uniform and behaviour policies and procedures which have been formulated for the efficient management of the school and the safety and welfare of children and visitors;
  • Parents will agree to work in partnership with the leadership team, teachers, support staff and Parish Priest, to provide every opportunity for their child/ren to learn in a safe and welcoming environment conducive to learning;
  • Where possible, parents are asked to contribute to building community spirit by attending our St Patrick's Parent Connect gatherings and also by attending school functions;
  • Parents are required to make a contribution to school fees in accordance to their financial situation; and
  • Students commit to engaging positively and willingly in all aspects of school life, including all learning experiences, Eucharist, and extra curricula activities and agree to treat all members of the St Patrick’s community with respect and dignity.   

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