Scope and Sequence

During the year the students will engage in a variety of units of work in Religious Education. Across all year levels, the curriculum content has been divided into eight focus topics:

Prep to 6 - Focus Topics

  1. Creation and Stewardship
  2. Jesus' Life and Family
  3. Jesus' Teaching
  4. Ways To Pray 
  5. Community of Christian Believers
  6. Celebrations, Sacraments and Rituals
  7. Life, Death and Resurrection
  8. Advent / Christmas

The scope and sequence document has been designed so that teachers are able to choose how and when the content is taught throughout the year. Class teachers will advise which units are being covered in the Term Overview, distributed at the start of each term. The links below will allow you to view a brief outline of the focus topics for a particular year level and the focus question for that year level.