St Patrick's Religious Education Program

​​​​The St Patrick’s Religious Education Program shows a clear alignment between the Religious Education Curriculum, Archdiocese of Brisbane - the teaching of religion - and the Religious life of the School - teaching people to be religious in a particular way. The Program incorporates four elements: Our Story; Curriculum Structure and Organisation; High Quality Teaching and Learning; and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Our Story
An insight into the context of St Patrick’s – the history of the school, our current context - including our students, parish and parents and how we, as a school, address the contemporary contexts for learning in the Religion classroom.
Curriculum Structure and Organisation
The school's Religious Education Program articulates a Catholic view of learning and teaching and is structured around the Model for Religious Education.​​​​​

High Quality Learning and Teaching
The school's Religious Education Program is consistent with whole school approaches to learning and teaching across the curriculum. It identifies how these approaches are developed, communicated, supported and reviewed.

Monitoring and Evaluation
The school's Religious Education Program outlines how student progress and achievement are monitored to ensure high expectations for each student.  It identifies how data is used to evaluate current practice and inform decision making and action related to the classroom teaching of Religion and the Religious Life of the School.

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