Camp 2015

On Monday the 18th of May, LG4 travelled to Luther Heights Youth Camp at Coolum. While on Camp LG4 had the privilege of participating in many new and exciting camp activities, such as: surfing, body boarding, sand castle making, fly fox, low and medium ropes, a scavenger hunt and a variety of team challenge games. All the children had a great time at camp, but they also learnt some valuable lessons about themselves and other members of LG4.
I learnt to push myself out of my comfort zone and to try new things. I learnt working as a team helps get things done and encouraging each other makes the person you are encouraging feel better about themselves.
At Camp I learnt to work as a member of a team by cooperating and encouraging people. I also learnt that encouragement really helps someone.
I learnt to work as a team and argue with each other. I learnt that it is important to respect everyone’s ideas and to include everyone in games.
I learnt that I could do more than I thought I could.
Over the three days at camp I learnt to believe in myself and to trust that I can so scary and challenging things. I also learnt that when you do something challenging you feel very proud of yourself.
I learn that it’s ok to be scared but it’s also important to have a go and to not give up.
I learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to.
I learnt that I can push myself out of my comfort zone. I also learnt how to work with people I don’t normally speak to.
Well I learnt that I’m brave, confident and persistent, as I did not give up on any activity at camp.
I learnt about beach safety and I thought it was the most important part of camp as one day it could save my family or friends life.
I learnt that going last in an activity isn’t that bad. I went last in medium ropes. When you go last you can see what to do on the activity and how to do it because it might be a difficult activity. 
I learnt that you can overcome your fears.
I learnt how to put on a harness and that safety is always important.
At Camp I learnt the importance of teamwork and understanding what people can and can’t do.
At Camp I learnt to trust because you needed to trust each other when doing medium ropes.
I learnt at camp that some people, like me, need to try activities that are high, even if they are afraid of heights. When you try something new that you are afraid of you might find that you like it and want to keep challenging yourself.
The thing I learnt about myself is I can complete challenging obstacles with teams and also by myself.
I learnt how to do up a harness and that I can trust my friends not to drop me.
I learnt that teamwork is really important.
I learnt that I can get along in any group and have fun.